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Ableton i Nektar Panorama P4


za Sysex OSX aplikacija

Here is what Panorama’s controls do in Live:

  • Controls to the left of Panorama’s display (Faders, encoders, buttons) control the first 8 channels in the mixer. Faders control volume, encoders control Send 1 level and the buttons control record arm.
  • Encoders to the right of Panorama’s display control Rack/Plug-in parameters.
  • Transport buttons control Transport functions.
  • Track- sends a ‘Left Arrow’ qwerty macro
  • Track+ sends a ‘Right Arrow’ qwerty macro
  • Patch- sends a ‘Up Arrow’ qwerty macro
  • Patch+ sends a ‘Down Arrow’ qwerty macro
  • View button switches between Arrangement and Session

Our Ableton template has been tested and confirmed to work in Ableton Live 9.

The most common problem is that Panorama doesn’t appear in the list of control surfaces if you didn’t put the Panorama folder (included with the Ableton template files) in the wrong location.

Make sure to put the folder in the following location: ~/Library/Preference/Ableton/Live <version number>/User Remote Scripts

If you cannot find that directory, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a Finder window
  2. Open the ‘Go’ menu at the top of your screen
  3. Select ‘Go to folder’
  4. Type ~/Library/Preference/Ableton
  5. Click ‘Go’
  6. Find the folder for the latest version of Live and open it
  7. Open the ‘User Remote Scripts’ folder
  8. Place the ‘Panorama’ folder in the User Remote Scripts folder.

Once you have done that, Open Live and select Panorama from the list of control surfaces. Set the Input to ‘PANORAMA Panorama’ and set the Output to ‘PANORAMA Panorama’

Once you have done that, check if the Transport buttons on Panorama are controlling the Transport in Live.

resetiranje natrag na tvornicke postavke :

prilkomom ukljucivanja  drzite gumbove  ‘Patch-‘ and ‘Patch+’